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We are labelling successful business


Our Services

We specialize in the production of high-quality self-adhesive graphic labels. We are technologically innovative and emphasize sustainability and a responsible approach to business.
We grow together with our clients as a partner for companies in top segments.

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Custom label printing

We provide printing of graphic, thermal, coupon, logistic, and other labels.
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Offer of TTR printers

We are an authorized importer and dealer of thermal transfer printers and accessories.

Our company's vision

Long-term experience

Our story began in 1999 as a response to market demands for high-quality products and service levels. We established ourselves as a trustworthy partner for many successful companies.

Sustainability a priority

We seek sustainable label and packaging solutions for our customers. In doing so, we reduce the consumption of energy, water, and wood, thereby also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Quality without compromise

On the Slovak and foreign market we offer high operability and flexibility of services while maintaining high and stable quality of produced labels.
We want to be the fastest growing company in the label industry in Central Europe. We focus our business on areas within a 300 km radius of our headquarters in Bratislava. The target group is successful and respected companies that need a dynamic and reliable partner for their growth. On the Slovak, Austrian, Hungarian and Czech markets, we assert ourselves with high operability and flexibility of services while maintaining a stable quality of label production. We achieve this goal by efficiently managing and improving our internal processes.
We rely on a stable, efficient and productive team of employees. Their growth and development aimed at increasing mastery of their work is the main guarantor of the long-term satisfaction of our clients.

Your satisfaction is our reward

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