About the company

Since 1999, ETIS Slovakia has specialized in the production of labels in the Central European region for respected companies.
etis vyroba etikiet

What our typical day looks like

At ETIS, we are united by company values, precision in work, and the ambition to grow. See more in the video below.

Company Profile

More than two decades of our history from the start of production to the purchase of top-notch printing equipment.

Foundation of ETIS s.r.o., beginning of production

Our company's vision

Long-term experience

Our story began in 1999 as a response to market demands for high-quality products and service levels. We established ourselves as a trustworthy partner for many successful companies.

Sustainability a priority

We seek sustainable label and packaging solutions for our customers. In doing so, we reduce the consumption of energy, water, and wood, thereby also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Quality without compromise

On the Slovak and foreign market we offer high operability and flexibility of services while maintaining high and stable quality of produced labels.

Our team

We are professionals with many years of experience in business, management, and production.
etis polomsky
Stanislav Polomský
Head of Sales Department
etis zeman
Peter Zeman
Key Account Manager
etis Ľubomír Adamovič manager
Ľubomír Adamovič
Key Account Manager for Austria and Hungary
etis obchodne oddelenie hajastekova
Alica Hajasteková
Sales Representative for Eastern Slovakia
etis mrazek obchodny zastupca
Marián Mrázek
Sales Representative for the Czech Republic
etis alexander stauder obchodny zastupca
Alexander Stauder
Sales Representative for Austria and Western Slovakia
etis Jana Šimuničová obchodná asistentka
Jana Šimuničová
Sales Assistant for Slovakia
etis Brigita Csóková obchod
Brigita Csóková
Sales Assistant for Slovakia and Hungary
etis Mária Pistlová obchod
Mária Pistlová
Sales Assistant for Austria
etis pekova obchodna asistentka
Viktória Péková
Sales Assistant for Austria and Czech Republic

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