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Embossing can be hot, cold, or relief.

Hot stamping applies a metallic layer to the surface of the pressed material. Through the action of heat and pressure, the adhesive on the back side of the metallic foil is activated, which sticks and subsequently separates a part of the metallic foil in the shape determined by the motif on the stamping plate. The result is very impressive, rich in details, and is often used on various lucrative products. With this technology, it is possible to ensure the originality of the product or brand protection through the embossing of a holographic foil motif, or by directly applying a controlled hologram. The most commonly used hot foils are gold, silver, and copper in various shades. This artisanal processing gives each product a special and luxurious look.

Cold stamping is a simpler production alternative, where an adhesive is applied to the material using a printing mold, and then a metallic foil is pressed onto the surface. Passing through a UV lamp activates the adhesive, and after the subsequent tear-off, a metallic image is created at the points with applied adhesive. Since it is inherent in the principle that the foil must be transparent to UV radiation, the final effect is not as perfect as with hot stamping, especially in detailing. The advantage is the lower cost of preparing the printing mold and faster application, the disadvantage is the higher price of such a foil. There are extensive possibilities with so-called overprint foil, which is silver but can be overprinted with any color, achieving very interesting graphic effects. Cold embossing is only suitable for smooth surfaces.

Embossing, also known as blind embossing, creates a plastic deformation of the material using two printing molds (negative and positive). This achieves a 3-D effect which is a suitable complement to hot or cold stamping technologies and screen printing. The most striking effect can be achieved on structured wine materials, for which this technology is most commonly used.

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