Offset Printing

ofsetova tlac na etikety

Offset printing, also known as planographic printing, is the most sophisticated printing process with very high quality. Printing inks are transferred from the printing plate to the printing blanket and finally to the surface of the printing material. This process uses UV-reactive inks and UV drying. These inks are characterized by, among other things, low migration. Rapid UV drying allows for immediate further processing of the print.

Offset offers the highest quality possibilities in label production, and on modern machines equipped with servo systems with automatic impression control, it allows for very efficient label production. This holds true even for complex and demanding requirements for precision and color adherence. The most significant advantage of offset over competing technologies, the fade to 0%, is also preserved. A raster of 70 lpcm is commonly used.

At ETIS Slovakia, we have two offset rotary printing machines. They are designed for printing labels in the highest quality and large quantities.

Printed by Offset Printing

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